Communication Museum Frankfurt

The museum has its roots in the decision during the Second World War to evacuate and put into safe storage the collection of the Imperial Postal Museum (Reichspostmuseum) in Berlin. In 1945, the US forces discovered a substantial part of that collection and took it to Hesse, which was in their occupation zone. The holdings from the Imperial Postal Museum provided the basis for the Frankfurt museum opened in 1958 as the West German Federal Postal Museum (Bundespostmuseum). Housed in a Wilhelminian mansion, the museum was one of the first on Schaumainkai, which runs along the stretch of the River Main now known as the ‘Museum Embankment’. The new museum building with its highly unusual and attractive architecture was inaugurated in 1990. The old mansion was extensively renovated and now houses the museum administration. The Museum for Communication Frankfurt belongs to the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication. Alongside the Museum for Communication Berlin, the Foundation also runs the Museum for Communication Nuremberg and the Philatelic Archive in Bonn. Have you ever been to a museum where the exhibits are interactive and come to life? The Communication Museum Frankfurt does just that. It’s a hands on museum where visitors can experience what it was like to be part of history. In addition to highlighting the evolution of communication technologies, this museum also takes a look at how new media is being used in everyday life. From TV sets from the 1950s to tablets from the 2010s, this museum has it all. For those interested in communication or technology, this is a must-see. We hope you will enjoy this virtual tour of our museum! We have created a short video for you – it’s best viewed in 4K!


I especially like the artistic arrangement at the entrance of Jean Luc Cornec, those sheep who have phones instead of heads, in fact I see quite often this arrangement, people and mobile phones instead of heads, which for any decision must give the phone to ask (boss, wife, friends, etc.) can not make a decision using your own head. Enjoy


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