Frankfurt in Quarantine

Quarantine în Frankfurt

It’s March 2020, traffic restrictions are in place in Frankfurt.

I went for a walk in the deserted streets of the city. It’s perfect for taking pictures on the deserted streets of the city, I’m not the only one out hunting for photos.

There are still people on the streets but few and in small groups of a maximum of three when I’m in the family.

All restaurants, museums, exhibitions and entertainment centers are closed.

On Ziel a lonely singer sings a sad song, that song gave me the idea to put comparative photos of places with and without people. It seems like an apocalyptic picture.

At the time most people were scared, now they are asking what it was, there are many questions to ask.
Last year I unknowingly attended the last auto show in Frankfurt, after the unprecedented demonstrations and after the closing of the IAA we were to learn that it was the last.

When I found this out I was thinking what impact this could have on tourism in Frankfurt, during the auto show all hotels, guesthouses and even private Airbnb rentals were full.
I thought they would surely have big losses in tourism and I didn’t know it could get worse.
On the way back I saw an ambulance with the siren on, I was on my bike so I followed to see where it was going, it was taking a patient to a center set up for covid patients.

How lethal is this virus? Even now we don’t know clearly how much was reality and how much was exaggeration.

When I got home I immediately started uploading the photos taken to the cloud, I was thinking then that if we disappear as a civilization maybe someone in the future in tens of thousands of years will be able to extract information from the hard drives and see what our world was like.

But let’s see these photos together.

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