Last AutoShow in Frankfurt

Last AutoShow in Frankfurt

We are in the year 2019 in September.
Frankfurt is preparing for the auto show that is hosted here once every two years, in Europe and around the world the Greta Turnberg phenomenon is making waves, people are already used to the agitation surrounding the green agenda so even though anti-car demonstrations are announced, no one is worried. Last AutoShow Frankfurt 1

However, it is heard that some big auto manufacturers have withdrawn from the show, there are all kinds of rumors, the most alarmist ones say that they are afraid that there will be anti-car demonstrators who will destroy the models on display, vandalism happened whenever I saw a vandalized car at the last show with the door latch torn off, but this year there are fears that it will be a mass phenomenon, other rumors say that in fact the time of big physical shows has passed, online presentations are much more effective and much more convenient in terms of costs.
I witnessed these stories and immortalized them in photos, I did not know at the time that this would be the last AutoShow in Frankfurt.
I was expecting the main entrance near Masse Turm to be crowded plus I had heard rumors that there would be some demonstrations blocking the entrance, so I entered through the west entrance near hall 9.
At the entrance, although there was no crowd, there was a queue because the luggage was being checked, they kept my key fob because, according to the guards, it could be used to scratch cars, so the rumor that they were afraid of vandalism was true, anyway I I bought another key ring in the exhibition for €5, one that was even more dangerous than my previous key :), I didn’t get mine back because I went out to the main entrance where the demonstrators were.
Indeed, compared to other years, the interior seemed sadder and a little less crowded, I also saw empty halls where the automakers that retired should have exhibited.
All car manufacturers also exhibited electric models, at that time the world was enthusiastic about them, now at the present time we see what kind of stake we were taking with them, it is not yet the time of electrics.
I will put below a gallery of photos taken then, they say that a photo is worth a thousand words, so let’s talk further in pictures. After you see the images from the show, I’ll tell you what I saw outside at the anti-auto demonstration.

Ok, so after walking around the whole car fair, which was anyway smaller than in other years, I went out to the main entrance next to the Messe Turm.
When I came out there was a line of demonstrators going up the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage on the opposite side of the exhibition.

green activist
I crossed and took pictures of the line of demonstrators, what surprised me was that it was a festive atmosphere, everyone was happy and looked like they had all come to a Sunday market, and the police were there to protect the demonstrators.

So when I saw how the demonstrations were going on in Frankfurt, I was surprised, this was not the first demonstration I had witnessed, because Frankfurt is an important European city, usually almost every weekend during the summer there is a demonstration, somehow for the residents is “bussines as usual” to see demonstrations every week, but this demonstration at the IAA was going to have a bigger impact than they expected.


Let’s watch the photos from the demonstration.


A few days later when I happened to be visiting the Archaeological Museum in Frankfurt (I will make a separate blog about it), another demonstration was organized through the city center.
I also took photos from this demonstration.