Primus Linie Boat trip



Now in Frankfurt 4K series we make one boat trip with Primus Linie.

Relaxing tour of the River Main with the Primus Linie, enjoying the view of Frankfurt from the water.
If you are looking for a memorable experience with friends and family, a boat trip might be the perfect choice. The experience of cruising down rivers, lakes, and canals is unique to any other form of transportation.
Do you love the water and enjoy spending time on a boat? Primus Linie is a German company specializing in river cruises. One of their most popular trips is the Frankfurt boat trip. This tour is perfect for travelers looking for an intimate experience that showcases how Frankfurt has been shaped by its rivers. The tour includes insider information about the town, such as where the locals hang out and their favorite spots to eat and drink. It also offers an exclusive insight into a region dominated by architecture, museums, galleries, and historic buildings dating back to the 15th century.



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