How to deal with cancer

I am now going to tell you how I was diagnosed with cancer and how I got cured, keep in mind that I am not a doctor and my cancer may be different from other people’s plus each person is unique in their own way and reacts differently to various treatments, so take this story as it is, draw the conclusions you want, but consult with your oncologist and don’t give up on his advice, just like I did.

In the screenshots that I am going to present, I will cover the names of the people for reasons of GDPR, the story itself is about cancer and its manifestations as the central point and not the people.


So in the photo above you see the diagnosis and in the next photo you can see the cancerous tumor itself as it was at a given moment.

How it started

The story started in July 2023 when I had an inflamed tonsil, or at least that’s what I thought at the time, the inflammation was quite explosive and strong and I went to the family doctor who prescribed me an antibiotic, initially I thought that it’s not the problem and it will go away in a few days at most a week, I hadn’t had tonsillitis since childhood and it usually went away quickly in a few days.

But after a week it still didn’t seem to heal, obviously I thought that I’m not young anymore and it probably takes longer to heal, but after two weeks, next to the inflamed tonsil, I started to have a swelling on the outside as well. So I went to the doctor again.

This thing happened on a Friday, the doctor looked worriedly at my tonsil and took a photo with her phone and sent the photo to a doctor friend specializing in ENT then she prescribed me another antibiotic and told me to come back to practice Monday.


On Monday, when I returned, she was already worried and told me that I had to go to the hospital for detailed investigations because it could be something more complicated.

Obviously, I also had my suspicions that it could be cancer because I had had cases in the family before, and at that time, as far as I knew, it could be something genetic, that is, I was genetically predisposed to getting cancer in my family, but after you read more further into my story you will see that even if there is the possibility of a genetic predisposition, the cause is still different.

So I got the referral from the doctor for the hospital and I go to do thorough investigations at the Bethanien hospital in Frankfurt which specializes in ENT as recommended by the specialist doctor my family doctor had chatted with on messenger.

At Bethanien, I did a complete set of tests at the emergency room, an analysis with ultrasound investigation, then a CT, the next day immediately they scheduled me for an operation to take a biopsie from the tumor, blood tests, etc.

After all the analyzes and tests that lasted 3 days in which I was hospitalized, I went home and will come back in a week to receive the results.

After a week I was with them and they informed me quite elegantly that I have cancer, more precisely I have an aggressive Non Hodgins lymphoma.

Obviously, the next step was to go back to my family doctor, who made an appointment with an oncologist.


Specific symptoms

The symptoms I had would be temperature fluctuations, i.e. I periodically had sensations of cold sweat on my back and neck, insomnia, i.e. I woke up at night with those feverish shocks, I measured with the medical thermometer and saw that my temperature jumped from to 36.4 degrees to 38 degrees for 10 minutes then back to 36. Another strange symptom was that I had the sensation of bad breath, the smell of rotten meat.

Medically this is called “night sweats” and something doctors always ask Patienten when thinking of cancer.

Between the moment of receiving the diagnosis and my meeting with the oncologist lasted another week and obviously during all this time I searched the internet for as much information as possible related to the type of cancer I have, treatment methods and obviously I tried to find out what the chances were I have estimated survival.

During my searches, I didn’t only search on Google, which usually only shows you pages with paid advertising on the first page, but I also searched on YouTube, whose algorithm is a little different, it analyzes what you’re looking at and what you’re looking for and gives you results videos that you are very likely to like and stay longer to view, and since the YT algorithm “knew” that I don’t only follow “official” information, but am a big fan of controversial opinions and alternative solutions to various problems, it started showing me “alternative solutions” to cancer.

That’s how I ended up finding out details and studying various videos related to the keto diet and the implications of the keto diet on cancer.

Now I’m just going to give a brief description of the mechanism of the keto diet and why it has an impact on cancer.


How keto diet works

So the main idea is that cancer cells only feed on glucose through fermentation unlike normal cells which use three methods (glycolysis i.e. fermentation, Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation).
So basically if we remove the glucose from the blood we kill the cancer because the cancer cells can no longer feed, this can be done through the keto diet.
Keto diet means eliminating those foods from the menu that the liver converts into glucose.
So obviously the first is the sugar which is either converted into glucose and eliminated in the blood but if the glucose level is too high in the blood (which is signaled by the insulin level) then the liver turns the sugar into glycogen as a reserve which is obviously deposited on the liver.
When the blood glucose level drops and the liver has no sugar available, then it uses the glycogen reserve which it transforms into glucose, from case to case the glycogen reserve can last for a few days, it is good to know for the beginning of the diet that to know how many days you will reduce your blood glucose to zero.
Then there are other foods that turn into glucose, namely fructose, lactose and carbohydrates.
So you only eat meat, eggs and vegetable fibers (salads, roots, etc.) you avoid everything that turns into glucose.
What happens next, the liver after exhausting the glycogen reserve which can last for several days will start converting fat into ketones which normal cells use for nutrition very well, but cancer cells which can only feed by fermentation cannot” “burn” ketones and for this reason they stagnate or even disappear slowly (depends on the type of cancer).
Observations have been made on population groups, namely some tribes in Africa that feed only on what they hunt plus some fruit but do not eat sugar, potatoes, pasta or bread. Well, members of those tribes don’t get cancer or diabetes. And another group would be the Eskimos from the north of Greenland or the isolated areas of Alaska who also traditionally feed on fish and walrus fat and who also do not get cancer, but surprise the Eskimos from the areas where “civilization” has reached where procesed food with carbohidrates can be found, further south have the same problems as us, i.e. they get cancer and diabetes.
What is the connection between cancer and religion, why are religious people safer from cancer, well besides the placebo effect there is also a real cause, namely fasting, religious people fast and during fasting the glycogen reserves of liver and the level of glucose in the blood drops sharply, given that the person does not eat because he is fasting, the liver has no resources to produce ketones and for this reason the autophagy phenomenon is triggered, that is, our body begins to destroy defective cells in the body including cancer cells that it uses to make food for healthy cells.
I also understood that the autophagy process also destroys the IgG4 antibodies created by that vaccine mess that attacks blood vessels and forms clots, the IGG4 thing was observed on groups of Muslims observing Ramadan.
So not faith in itself but fasting is what we have to consider and use as a means of treatment.
I continue to follow the keto diet (it is also called the carnivorous diet) and I have noticed several improvements, the inflammation in the body has decreased, I no longer go to the toilet often, when I exert myself intensely I no longer have muscle fever because the burning of ketones in the blood it doesn’t produce lactic acid, here I make a parenthesis, I think everyone knows about the problems that a tennis player has due to a product that contained ketones, well, ketones are not prohibited for athletes, but I understood that the product in question also had other things, however, it should be noted that ketone improves sports performance.
When we humans were hunters and ate what we caught or fished plus some fruit, we didn’t get cancer, only later when we developed agriculture and introduced carbohydrates (bread, corn, carrots) into our diet did we start having problems, and the problems got worse when I introduced sugar into the diet. It is interesting to note that the ancient scholars passed on some medical knowledge disguised in religious customs, obviously I am referring to fasting, all the great religions have customs related to fasting, so somehow it was known that the food we produce with the help of agriculture creates problems for us of health and through the religious rituals of practical fasting, the population was subjected to periodic “cleansing” programs of cancerous cells.

So after I understood how the keto diet works, I immediately started following it, so I removed from my diet all the foods that produced glucose in my liver. then I had the meeting with the oncologist and he wanted some additional tests, more precisely he wanted a bone puncture to do the analysis of the marrow and he also wanted me to do an MRI of the stomach and he scheduled these tests and I did at the Ketteler hospital in Offenbach.

Let me also explain why these analyzes were necessary, my type of cancer, which is a lymphatic cancer, can have 4 degrees of evolution, more precisely, the 1st degree is when the cancer develops in a single lymph node, that is exactly my case, then it is grade two when the cancer develops in two different lymph nodes, grade 3 is when it develops in two different locations but one location is above the diaphragm and another location is below the diaphragm, and for this reason abdominal MRT is also necessary, and grade 4 is when the cancer also develops in the bone marrow, that is, where the lymphocytes are “made”, because basically this lymphatic cancer is formed by abnormal lymph cells, and for this reason the lumbar puncture is also necessary.

Obviously, I told the oncologist that I also follow a keto diet and he said that he has nothing against it, but that he does not believe in the effectiveness of the diet, on the other hand, the family doctor said that I can follow any diet I want but to be careful not to I’m losing too much weight because I’m going to lose weight anyway due to chemotherapy.

I studied online how chemotherapy works, and chemotherapy actually does the same thing as the keto diet, namely it cuts the energy sources of cancer cells, in some cases like Rituximab it affects the development of the blood vessels that feed the tumor, but also the other components of CHOP, respectively, Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin and Decortin block the mechanisms of cell multiplication, because the Chemo CHOP treatment is not targeted, it affects all fast-growing cells in the body and not only cancer, and for this reason we have problems with hair growth with peripheral circulation and other side effects.

So I decided that if you follow the chemotherapy and the keto diet simultaneously, the chances of the treatment being successful actually increase. Why do I say this, because the chances of success in the case of the type of cancer I had were somewhere around 70%, that is, there remains a 30% chance that the treatment will not work, because cancer cells, in addition to dividing rapidly, also have a rate of mutations are high and there are chances that in the course of the acquired mutations they will assimilate a mutation that resists the treatment, for this reason the CHOP treatment is administered in a package in case a mutation resistant to Doxorubicin appears, the cancer cell will still be attacked by the other components of the treatment. But if nutrition is affected by the disappearance of glucose and the cancer cells are not fed nor do they have the necessary energy to trigger the multiplication process and possibly generate mutations, so the chances are that the tumor will be “refractory”, i.e. not respond to treatment or remain somewhere a “rest” of hidden cancer and then to “relapse” are greatly reduced.


How we monitored the evolution of the tumor

So from the moment I started the keto diet, I took a picture with my phone every day and compared it with the distance between the teeth to estimate the size of the tumor. Below you will see a graph with the size of the tumor and I assembled together all the photos taken with the phone and I also made a short video with the evolution of the tumor.
As you can see on the graph, between the date of the biopsy operation and the start of the keto diet, the tumor grew from 16 mm in diameter to 25 mm in diameter in the first 25 days, then from day 25 to day 46 when I started chemotherapy, it can be seen that the size the tumor stagnates and even has a slight tendency to decrease and after the start of chemotherapy the tumor decreased after the first 2 chemo cycles to 10 mm and then it was no longer possible to estimate the size, after the 3rd cycle it disappeared completely but I performed all 6 complete cycles, I had 4 cycles of CHOP + Rituximab and the last two cycles only Rituximab.




Below you can also see what type of chemotherapy I received, from what I understand this therapy is standard in Germany for my type of cancer.


In conclusion, I will also show you the diagnosis after the final CT and MRT control.




So in conclusion, I chose to use both the classical way of treatment, but I also “starved” the cancer by removing the glucose from the blood, because I am aware that in the next 5 years the cancer may reappear if there are “baby cancer cell” hidden somewhere, I will follow in continue the keto diet, in fact, not only this lymphatic cancer that I had can reappear, but another cancer can appear at any time in another area of the body. Maybe I should make a clarification because there are rumors that one of the effects of the vaccine would be the appearance of cancer, well I am not vaccinated, for me at least I think that excess sugar combined with a genetic predisposition in the family caused the appearance of cancer, 7 years ago, my father died of the exact same type of cancer at the age of 76, I’m only 57, before that I have an uncle (father’s brother) also died of cancer and my cousin (that uncle’s son) also deceased, I have another cousin who had laryngeal cancer and was operated on and is alive, so it seems that we have a genetic predisposition in the family on the father’s side for cancer, fortunately on the mother’s side the grandparents were all long-lived, the grandfather lived 98 years old and the grandmother 94, both lived in the country and used relatively few modern foods, had their own vegetable garden and raised animals and chickens. So I think a lot of attention should be paid to nutrition.


Here is a link to a video about the effects of the keto diet on cancer explained by specialists:



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