All people are created equal. Then some learn photography.

During the photo hunt on the street, I took a lot of shoots with photographers at work, I will present some of them to you.

How does a photographer solve global warming, civil unrest and rampant pollution?
Removes the battery, waits five seconds, and then put it back in.


This photo is taken during anti-car demonstrations in Frankfurt in 2019.


Its shutter speed is so fast, it can capture an image of a chatty person with their mouth closed.


The demonstrations at the 2019 auto show were very “noisy”


Two photographers are walking down a street.
One of them trips and fall onto the ground.
The second one immediately falls down next to him and says: “Excellent angle! What are we shooting?”

An excellent shooting angle can be taken with a drone 🙂

How to irritate the photographer? Ask them “After you take that shot with your camera, can you take one with my phone?.


The old center of Frankfurt Römerberg is the place with the highest density of photographers


“Your camera takes really nice pictures!”
“Thanks, I taught it everything it knows.”


Always and in any place can be hidden “great shoot”



Watching a beautiful sunset with my wife, I look to the scene and start thinking 1/250s at f8 at ISO 400.

While I was looking for subjects near the cathedral, a photo session caught my attention where two newly married young people posed for two photographers, I initially also took a photo of the two young people and then because I “broke the ice” some tourists started and them to take pictures of the bride and groom, I captured this very interesting moment.



This is my photo with them.


Sometimes photography can be a risky business.

You can see more photos with photographers at work in the following gallery.

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